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Exclusive to Church Pharmacy

PCA Skin

Why choose PCA SKIN® for your clinic?

A wide range of gentle medi-facial treatments to prescription-only chemical peels.

Customisable protocols to treat each patient’s needs and concerns.

High profit margin of up to 75% margin on professional treatments.

Over 40% profit margin on retail products.

Full detailed training provided.

Ongoing and continued support.

PCA Skin


PCA SKIN®, founded in 1990 have been industry leaders in the development of effective treatments which promote healthy skin. Grounded on three core pillars: product innovation, excellence in education and unparalleled customer support.


The innovator of the modified and enhanced Jessner’s peel with great expansion over decades creating blended chemical peels to be able to provide treatment options for all skin types, ethnicities and conditions.


PCA SKIN® combines the newest and most efficacious ingredients with proven, tried and true ingredients to create unparalleled, visible results. Research, product development and quality assurance processes are above and beyond industry standards, providing formulas that address each skin condition holistically.

PCA SKIN® products are free from parabens, synthetic dyes & fragrances, mineral oils, petrochemicals and lanolin.

Professional Range


1. Achieving success with PCA SKIN® peels

PCA SKIN®  values products and procedures that are not only highly effective but also safe and easy to use. We strive to share the deep understandings we have gained about chemical peels; which to choose, how they function and what to expect.

2. Layer and leave on

When performing PCA SKIN®  peels, clinicians use a layering technique to determine the depth of penetration to either the stratum corneum or to the deeper, underlying tissue. This technique is possible due to the fact that PCA SKIN® liquid peel formulations are self-neutralising.

3. Progressive approach

Treating the skin gently and infusing it with beneficial nourishing and strengthening ingredients during professional treatments will consistently provide faster and more dramatic treatment outcomes. This supports the PCA SKIN® progressive, not aggressive, treatment philosophy.


The professional line of treatment products is sold exclusively to PCA SKIN® Certified Professionals, ensuring safe and effective application every time.

All PCA SKIN® Broad Spectrum SPF's are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation and are reef-friendly.

Retail Range


Daily skincare is essential for optimal skin health and PCA SKIN® provides a tailored regimen that suits all skin types.

From cleansing to correcting to hydrating and protecting, each step builds upon the last and serves its own unique purpose to the health of your skin. A complete PCA SKIN® daily care regimen twice a day will get you closer to the results you are looking to achieve.


How it works


Morning:                   Evening:

1. Cleanse                  1. Cleanse
2. Correct                   2. Correct
3. Hydrate                  3. Hydrate
4. Protect

Want to learn more?

Church Pharmacy offers an exclusive PCA SKIN® training programme in multiple locations nationwide.

The day covers:

  • Heritage, philosophy and science
  • Homecare and professional products 
  • Treatment for all skin types and concerns 
  • A practical session to perform chemical peels 

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