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Yes, you can view our Infection Management Category through our shop page.

Unfortunately, we do not offer credit accounts upon registration. You can only apply for a credit account once you have built up a three-month order history. This is done by completing a credit account application form, which has to be requested from the Customer Service team. Once completed, the form and necessary documents should be posted back to us for approval. 

If you do not have any utility bills in your name please contact us

To reset your personal 4-digit PIN, please call our Customer Services team on 01509 357 300, we will need to confirm a few security questions with yourself. It is a gentle reminder that the original 4-digit PIN was sent to your registered mobile number on your account, you may still have this.

All original prescriptions can be posted to:

Originals / RX Department

7 Prince William Road



LE11 5GU

General Questions

With the our innovative features such as patient validations, ordering history and DigitRx, placing an online order at Church Pharmacy has never been simpler!

We also accept orders via email and fax. You can fax them to 0116 226 4046. Our customer service team will contact you to complete the processing of your order.

IMPORTANT: Prescription Requirements

Prescriptions must contain all of the following:
Patient Details
  • First name(s) and surname
  • Residential address
  • Date of birth
Prescriber Details
  • Indelible ink signature
  • Printed name
  • Residential or clinic address
  • Registration number (NMC, GMC, GDC)
  • Direct email address
Prescription Details
  • The date of the prescription (valid for 6 months)
  • Full product name, quantity and dosage instructions for medicines
  • A consultation must be confirmed, signed and dated for cosmetic injectable products
  • Clear and legible handwriting


Anything on our price list that is not a medicine (i.e. a medicine can be classed under POM, P, GSL or have a medical claim). Quantity restrictions apply. If you wish to order medicines as stock, we can accept this as a Signed Order, where further rules apply.

Medicinal products (POMs, P Licence or GSLs) ordered, by eligible prescribing healthcare professionals, and supplied for use in clinics/practices, without a prescription for a specified named patient at the point of sale, can be accepted as a Signed Order. Further rules apply.

A stock order is an order which can be placed by non-prescribers as well as prescribers for their clinics. Clinic consumables and medical devices (such as injectable fillers) may only be ordered as stock by a registered healthcare professional, or, with authorisation by a registered health care professional. Stock orders are subject to VAT.

Signed orders are medicinal products (POMs, P Licence or GSLs) ordered and supplied for use in clinics/practices, without a prescription for a specified named patient at the point of sale, and are subject to VAT.

Medicinal products for stock may only be ordered by the following registered health care professionals:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • HIS Nurses (carrying on the business of an independent clinic)

Please note: Pharmacists/Pharmacy customers requesting products for stock use in their pharmacy are required to submit a Pharmacy order.

It is the customer’s full responsibility to ensure that the item(s) ordered are stored and administered safely according to the legislation provided by the Medicines Act and Prescription Only Medicine (Human Use) Order, MHRA guidelines, and the manufacturer's guidelines.

Signed orders are classified as a wholesale transaction by the MHRA, and to comply with the regulation, Order Line Ltd is required to complete additional checks before we can dispatch a signed order.

Signed orders may only be delivered to CQC or HIS registered addresses if a risk assessment is completed and approved by Order Line Ltd prior to first dispatch (for each delivery address). Risk assessments remain valid for 1 year after approval, after which time updated documents will be required.

Requirements for a CQC Registered Address as Part of the Risk Assessment Approval Process
Document to be Uploaded Required
Utility bill in the name of the account holder dated within the last 6 months (it does NOT have to be for the requested address if the address is CQC registered)
Valid copy of your photo ID, driver’s license, or passport
Screenshot of CQC registration confirmation
Requirements for Alternative Address(es) as Part of the Risk Assessment Approval Process
Document/Information to be Uploaded Required If Applicable
Utility bill for the requested delivery address dated within the last 6 months  
Valid copy of your photo ID, driver’s license, or passport  
VAT registration number  
Company registration number  
Name of person signing for the parcel  
What is a pharmacy order?

Pharmacy orders are products ordered and supplied for stock use of the pharmacy and are subject to VAT and may only be ordered by a pharmacist/pharmacy to a registered pharmacy.

Pharmacy orders are classified as a wholesale transaction by the MHRA, and to comply with the regulation, Order Line Ltd is required to complete additional checks before we can dispatch a pharmacy order, which will include providing:

  • The pharmacist’s GPHC registration number
  • The pharmacy GPHC registration number

We have 3 sites based in London and Loughborough.

  • Site 1: 9 Little Portland Street, London, W1W 7JF, UK.
  • Site 2: 7 Prince William Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5GU, UK.
  • Site 3 (NHS): Unit 1, The Old Bleach Yard, Wards End, Loughborough, LE11 3HA, UK.

You can collect private prescriptions and stock orders directly from us at each pharmacy, however, we also offer a wide range of delivery services.

Please refer to our Delivery Information page for further details in regards to our delivery options.

To open your account, you need to register on our website. Once your account has been successfully registered, you will be sent an email providing you with your own personal account number. It is important to take note of your account number as this will enable us to identify you.

Click on the 'Sign in' tab, then the Forgotten Password link. Please follow the steps to reset your login details.

Your username is the email address which you registered the account with, if you have forgotten your email address please call our Customer Service team on 01509 357 300.

You can change the details on your account by signing in to the website first and clicking on 'My Account' from the dropdown menu. Here, select 'My Account Details' and then click on the edit icon


As we advertise Prescription Only Medicines (POMs), we can only provide you with prices if you are a registered healthcare professional.

However, once you have registered on our website you will be able to view the prices for all of our products. These are accessible through the shop or alternatively, you can download a copy of our latest price list from our Resources page. If you prefer, we can post a relevant price list to you, please complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page if you would like a hardcopy posted to you.

DigitRx & Partner Prescribing

DigitRx is our bespoke online e-prescribing service, allowing our customers to place their orders, including signed and stock orders online, quickly and securely. When ordering through DigitRx, we offer a much later cut off time, exclusive offers and benefits, and customers are no longer required to submit original paper prescriptions.

All healthcare professionals with a valid registration number can register to DigitRx. A prescriber will register for DigitRx, while the non-prescribing healthcare professionals can register to Partner Prescribing with their prescriber. 

Partner Prescribing enables prescribers to connect with their non-prescribing healthcare professionals.

Prescribers can now create prescriptions online after face-to-face consultations, allowing their partner healthcare professionals to easily process their order giving and them the ability to arrange payment and delivery details as and when they require the goods.

New accounts that are eligible for DigitRx will be automatically enrolled.

If you already have a Church Pharmacy account but are not registered to DigitRx, you will need to log into the website, click on the blue DigitRx tab and go through a quick online verification process.

Yes, our DigitRx App enables you to order anytime, anywhere. This efficient, e-prescribing tool is available to download on the App Store & Google Play Store.

To reset your personal 4-digit PIN, please call our Customer Services team on 01509 357300, we will need to confirm a few security questions with yourself.

Please note it may be worth checking your previous messages as the original 4-digit PIN was sent to your registered mobile number on your account when registering for DigitRx.

Collection & Delivery

Loughborough Branch Collection: Yes, you can walk in and place an order at our Loughborough branch however, this can take up to 2 hours to process. On arrival, we would require photo I.D, confirmation of account details and original prescriptions where applicable.

London Branch Collection: Yes, you can walk in and place an order at our London branch, this can take as little time as 20 minutes to process. On arrival, we would require photo I.D, confirmation of account details and original prescriptions where applicable.

Please note: times can vary depending on the size of the order and customers must have an activated account to place a walk-in order in our Pharmacies.

Yes, you can place an order via email, fax or phone and collect your order that same day. We would require two hours for your order to be processed before you are able to collect the parcel. We would require photo I.D and confirmation of account details.

Loughborough Same Day: Our cut off time for same-day delivery is 11.00am, this enables us to process the order and deliver the parcel to you in good time.

London Same Day: You are able to order for same-day delivery in between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm.

At the time of placing the order, we will advise the estimated time of arrival in which your goods will reach you. We are flexible in regards to offering the same day service so if you would like delivery outside of these hours please contact us.

You can view our order cut off times and prices for next day delivery as well as our delivery timetable on our Delivery Information page. 

We have a tracking department dedicated to helping you with any delivery issues you may receive. You can contact them on 01509 357300 and select option 3.


To initiate the returns process, you must report your discrepancy to our Customer Services team within 24 hours of receiving your delivery where appropriate. The team will issue you with a 'Returns Request Form' which should be completed within 48 hours and returned back to us via email or fax.

If your return request is authorised, Church Pharmacy will not credit or exchange any item(s) until the condition of the returned product(s) has been inspected and approved by the Returns Department. Products that fail inspection upon return will be destroyed or returned at the cost of the customer.

For further information, view our Terms and Conditions.

Returns for items ordered on prescription are not accepted unless the item is faulty/damaged, or there has been an error by Church Pharmacy. For this reason, it is advisable to double-check all orders before payment.

For further information, view our Terms and Conditions.

For any enquiries relating to the delivery of medications to our Care Homes please contact our dedicated Care Home team on 01509 357 999 who will be able to assist you with your query.


A private prescription is a  medical prescription for a named patient which is not supplied under the National Health Service (NHS), and may be written by a registered practising doctor, dentist or independent prescriber. Items prescribed on a medical prescription must be solely for the benefit of that patient’s health or wellbeing.

You can download our private prescription template from our Resources page.

A healthcare professional (who is not a prescriber) may add prescription only medicines to their orders only if they have a valid prescription for that named patient, signed and dated by a registered prescriber who has had a recent face-to-face consultation with the patient. Prescribers are responsible for ensuring that the products prescribed are safe and appropriate for that patient, and the original copies must be received by Church Pharmacy within 72 hours.

Exceptions are allowed for any prescribing nurses based in Scotland carrying on the business of an independent clinic that is listed on the 'Healthcare Improvement Scotland' portal is able to order and stock prescription only and pharmacy medicines in connection with the running of the clinic.

Items can only be used on the named patient. These items cannot be resold. If a prescribing error is made, once the item is dispensed, it cannot be returned. A prescription is a legal document and therefore all information on it must be true and accurate. If a prescription is faxed or emailed, the original must still be posted and received by the pharmacy within 72 hours, unless the order has been placed through our online prescription service, DigitRx.

Usually someone other than the patient - for example the prescriber or the patient’s agent - will send the prescription to the pharmacy and arrange collection of the item on their behalf. Unless there is written instruction as to who is paying and providing delivery details for a prescription, it is assumed that the patient is responsible for payment and will want delivery to their home address. When dealing with injections and refrigerated medicines, quite often the prescribing health professional or one of his/her employees will act as the patient’s agent with the patient’s consent and take delivery of the items, storing them appropriately prior to administration.

Only items to be used for the named patient should be ordered on that specific patient's prescription and therefore they must not be used on anyone else. Quantities ordered are subject to restrictions at the pharmacists' discretion.

You can prescribe any products which are for the patient's benefit however, it can only be used solely for the named patient the product had been prescribed for.

The medicine belongs to the patient, not to the patient’s agent. Therefore, the prescribers/clinic staff acting as patient agents must ensure that they are acting in the patient's best interests when collecting items on their patient's behalf, and they must obtain the patient's consent to do so. As well as all the standard prescription requirements, the prescriber must perform a recent face-to-face consultation with the patient if injectable aesthetic treatments are prescribed. Prescribers should only prescribe within their competencies.

On a named patient prescription, the prescriber should only order the quantity required to treat that patient, ideally within a 3 month period.*

Any excess stock required for clinic use only should be ordered on a signed/stock order.

*We reserve the right to limit quantities on prescriptions.

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