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IBSA Derma offers a full range of products and brands such as Aliaxin®, Profhilo® and Viscoderm® based on the Hydrolift® Action concept.

Hydrolift® Action is an innovative approach aimed at counteracting the physiological reduction of hyaluronic acid in the skin, restoring hydration, elasticity and skin tone. Hydrolift® Action is an expression of the synergy of ultrapure hyaluronic acid, produced with IBSA patented SHYALT® (Sodium Hyaluronate Altergon) technology which, used in combination, creates optimal conditions for preventing and fighting the aging process.

Aliaxin® dermal filler range of products is designed to enhance facial contours and volume. Cross-linked formulations with high tissue integration properties, for a filling, lifting and hydrating action. Specific formulas derived from combinations of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights.

PROFHILO® is the pioneer of bioremodelling restoring the firmness, tone and elasticity of tissue. Produced with IBSA's patented NAHYCO® technology, this innovative formula based on hybrid hyaluronic acid treats skin laxity of the face and body.

Viscoderm® range of products is designed as an approach to treat and prevent ageing skin, while maintaining its vitality and providing hydration and radiance. Targeted formulas for Biorestructuring (Viscoderm®), Hydrostretching (Viscoderm® Hydrobooster) and Biocomplmentation (Viscoderm® Skinko & Viscoderm® Skinko E).


IBSA is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in hyaluronic acid production & products containing hyaluronic acid.

Founded by a group of Swiss biologists in 1945, IBSA - Institute Biochemical SA - has gained unique experience in pharmaceutical research and technology. IBSA has used its experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical field to branch out and develop medical devices for dermatology based on hyaluronic acid - delivering a dedicated dermoaesthetic brand: IBSA DERMA.

IBSA Derma has its headquarter in Lodi, two manufacturing plants near Milan and three R&D labs which contribute to the Made in Italy’s success. More than 500 people are employed in Italy.

IBSA Derma distinguishes itself in the vast market because it controls the entire product life cycle, from the biofermentation production of the raw material to it being ready to use in pre-filled syringes.

IBSA holds 82 patent families and many others in development, which allowed IBSA to have a diversified portfolio which covers 10 different therapeutic areas including medicines, medical devices, food supplements and health products.

Some of these products are developed and manufactured in Italy and sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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