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Church Pharmacy donated £700 to ASTi, UK registered charity whose sole purpose is to end acid violence at a global level.

ASTi has helped provide medical expertise and training, conducted evidence based research, raised valuable funds to support survivors of acid attacks and helped change laws related to punishing offenders.

Every year thousands of people across the world are subjected to deliberate and pre-meditated attacks with Nitric, Hydrochloric or Sulphuric Acid.

"We want an end to acid violence and a world where survivors live in dignity and without fear".

  • 52 survivors benefited from medical and psycho-social support services.
  • 151 survivors benefit from legal support.
  • 55 survivors access skills training and/or start-up kit/financial support.
  • 54 survivors access professional skills training and financial support.

Please visit to find out more about ASTi and help prevent acid attacks at route cause level.

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