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DigitRx | The E-Prescribing Service

DigitRx | The E-Prescribing Service | Exclusive to Church Pharmacy

Have you heard about DigitRx? The only complete e-prescribing system available in the UK, designed by Church Pharmacy. It has revolutionized the way doctors, dentists and nurses can order prescription-based medical and aesthetic supplies. Creating prescriptions has never been so easy! It provides a seamless experience which also includes signed and stock orders.

Why Download DigitRx?

With DigitRx, there’s no need to post paper originals. This leads to more time saved which can be spent focusing on your patients instead. Our straightforward service has changed the way many clinics operate. It has evolved to include a full range of exclusive features and products to enhance and complement your business. Not only is it easy to use, but it also allows you to receive your supplies faster than ever before. The cut-off time to receive products with next day delivery between Monday to Thursday is now 7pm, and 6pm on Fridays if you spend over £550 (excluding VAT) *. And whatsmore, you never need to worry again as all details are safe with our secure encrypted methods.

Why Should You Create an Account?

Gain access to many great features when you join DigitRx and get the best possible experiences out of ordering and managing your clinic’s stock. These features include: -

  • Creating and tracking any amendments to your order with complete ease.
  • Bulk-importing patient details into the DigitRx app so you’re ready for your next order.
  • Looking at your business analytics with the function of automated graphs to identify your ordering and purchase patterns.

If that wasn’t enough, the DigitRx app can be downloaded straight to your iOS or Android device for faster on the go prescribing, at anytime and anywhere.

So, what are you waiting for? Register to DigitRx today and see how fast, efficient and secure it really is!

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