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CALECIM® Professional | Reduce Downtime


Want to offer your patients reduced downtime post-procedure?

Instantaneous beauty! That is what everyone expects today. The perfect skin but with little effort and no downtime. If we could bottle that, we would be millionaires!

The truth is, it doesn’t exist. Not yet anyway. However, CALECIM® Professional can reduce downtime by 50% and improve aesthetic outcomes, which is cost-effective and benefits both patients and health care professionals. This little miracle bottle packs a punch and is backed by science and clinical data.

CALECIM® Professional is a system that uses the repairing and rejuvenating properties of stem cells to speed up skin repair, enhance collagen and fibroblast renewal and promote skin restoration. CALECIM® Professional harms no animals and is ethically sourced from the cord lining of free-roaming red deer in New Zealand. The stem cells are refined and added to the CALECIM® Professional range.

The CALECIM® Professional serum is an easy addition to any skin care treatment. Perfectly matched with micro-needling, including WOW fusion or laser skin rejuvenating treatments, this miracle serum promotes skin cell proliferation, collagen formation and therefore speeds the healing process reducing patient downtime. Not only this, but the overall patient outcomes are also enhanced due to these rejuvenating factors. Reduced downtime with enhanced results = Very happy patients!

Dr Beatriz Molina, a Global Key Opinion Leader and Aesthetic Doctor shared the secrets of her successes with CALECIM® Professional, providing beautiful case studies of combined treatments, whilst hosting an international webinar to over 500 delegates.

“If I can give my patients the best cosmetic outcome with the least downtime, and beautiful, plump, youthful glowing skin,” explained Dr Molina, “I have very happy patients that come back to me.”

Why not offer your patients less downtime and enhanced patient satisfaction?

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