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LG Chem | YVOIRE ® Webinar


The global leaders in chemical compounds, LG Chem, staged a trilogy of free webinars to support the global community whilst we are isolated at home. Over 4000 delegates attend YVOIRE® webinars with LG CHEM.

PART: 1 Re-mastering Face Shape: MID FACE.

Over 1000 delegates attended the first in the series of the YVOIRE® webinars. Led by Dr Fundaro, a renowned anatomist and surgeon, from Italy, the webinar focused on how to determine face shape; but more importantly the mid face ageing process, anatomy and simple approach to cheek enhancement.

Dr Fundaro presented on the essential anatomical zones of the mid face, using techniques to re-shape and rebalance the mid face. Of special interest, was his approach and segmentation of different patient types, dividing patient face shapes into 4 key groups, and helping the audience to understand the need for different approaches in technique, whilst still using the same key product choice. YVOIRE® Contour proved especially useful in this area of treatment due to its high G’ Prime and superior lifting capacity. 

PART: 2 – Re-mastering Face: CHIN AND JAWLINE (including Profiloplasty) Dr Giovanni Salti, Dr Francesco Romeo, and Dr Salvatore Fundaro, presented together. The interactive session meant the audience could gain direct guidance and feedback from the 3 Italian Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons. 

An in-depth journey through the anatomy, using cleverly filmed cadaveric videos, with detailed anatomical drawings to demonstrate the areas of treatment for a more defined face. This was followed by Dr Romeos presentation on his specific approach to Profilolasty. Dr Romeo also described his unique approach to non-surgical nose job, known as Meso Rhinoplasty. The use of YVOIRE® Contour,  YVOIRE® Volume and YVOIRE® Classic to to enhance and project, nose, lips, chin and and how define your jawline, played to the product ranges superior lifting capacity elasticity, and is a key factor in creating a quality “1 Session Treatment,” which all Doctors promoted and will be essential in the coming months, as we re-enter our clinics.

The experts debated use of cannular versus needle and provided clarity in approach and techniques to ensure patient safety. The use of many before and after case studies, demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatments and techniques.

PART: 3 – Re-mastering Face: THE HEXA FORMULA

Dr Giovanni Salti led an in-depth training event focused on the facial ligaments of the face, and their power to lift and tighten the facial anatomy.  Highlighting the 3 dimensions of aging, (Anterior, posterior and Lateral) Dr Salti demonstrated the HEXA formula, an advanced approach to lifting facial tissue and creating smooth tissue, and a non-surgical face lift.

Supported by beautiful and technical anatomical slides from Dr Funaro, Dr Salti demonstrated how the HEXA formula used the strength of the facial ligaments, to tighten the skin, by placing small aliquots of high G’Prime HA dermal filler (YVOIRE® Contour) to create tension within the ligaments.  The results were outstanding.

“You need a high G’Prime HA dermal filler, that resists deformation, but still has viscoelastic properties to ensure natural outcomes,” stated Dr Giovanni. “For this I only ever use Yvoire® Contour.”

This training session was the last in a 3 Part series run by LG Chem in partnership with Church Pharmacy. The 6 webinars drew an audience of over 4000 delegates attended the sessions Globally.

If you are interested in seeing any of these webinars,  or would like more information on YVOIRE®, up and coming training events, and hands on training courses (in the future), please contact

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