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Church Pharmacy supports local food bank

Church Pharmacy supports local food bank

As a direct response to media coverage that has highlighted the struggles faced by parents in being able to afford baby formula for their newborns, Church Pharmacy has donated £1400 worth of baby formula milk to three baby banks.

Hartlepool Baby Bank, Bundles of Hope in Nottingham, and Tippytoes Baby Bank in Preston each received a contribution of 50 tins of powdered formula.

In an additional display of support, the Leicester South Foodbank also offered to combine their existing stock of baby milk with ours, effectively doubling the size of our donation. They’ve also played a crucial role in transporting the baby milk to the Nottingham-based baby bank. Church Pharmacy are incredibly grateful for this collaboration!

It warms our hearts to learn that the baby formula that has been donated is already making a positive impact on families in need... 

We can help a lot of families with the formula you provided, having already given some out to families about to have their babies and to families who are finding things tough financially at the moment (Emilie de Brujin, Hartlepool Baby Bank). 

Through the Church Pharmacy Care programme, Church Pharmacy are committed to sustaining support for those who require it the most. The underscored their dedication to aiding underserved communities.

To find out more about affordability issues parents are facing with baby formula milk, please click on the links below.    

Unicef – Safeguarding infant health 
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