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World leading skin prep and aftercare.

  • The only advanced high purity hypochlorous chemistry.
  • Unsurpassed efficacy and skin compatibility.
  • Multi award winning.
  • Manufactured by a unique patented process.

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About Clinisept+ Skin

Clinisept+ Skin offers effective skin hygiene pre and post aesthetic procedures and minimises recovery time from PRP, face peels, microneedling, and other aesthetic treatments. It incorporates a highly stable hypochlorous solution delivering a gentle oxidising action to the skin, providing microbial protection without causing toxicity or leaving any chemical residue on the skin. It soothes and calms skin, reducing the appearance of redness and swelling, creating an optimal environment for skin to recover post treatment.

Patients who are prone to breakouts, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, or eczema can use the Clinisept+ Skin solution at home to maintain high standards of skin hygiene and as part of their regular skincare regimen. The product is cruelty free, vegan friendly and is available in a 100ml or 490ml professional sized bottle.

Key Benefits of Clinisept+ Skin

  • Powerful antimicrobial cleansing removes 99.99% of germs

  • Advanced Hypochlorous Technology

  • Dermatologically Tested

  • Free From Harsh Chemicals

  • Provides the optimum environment for natural healing

Clinisept+ Dental Mouthwash provides oral hygiene by cleaning, calming and soothing sensitive teeth and gums. It consists of a neutral pH 7.0 and is an effective yet gentle solution without stinging or causing irritation, providing antimicrobial protection against harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Furthermore, the mouthwash is suitable for those with normal or sensitive teeth and implants.

Key benefits of Clinisept+ Dental Mouthwash

  • Contains no alcohol or chlorhexidine and causes no teeth staining.
  • No colouring or flavouring.
  • Suitable for patients with sore oral mucosa and mouth ulcers.

Who are Clinical Health Technologies?

Clinisept+ is produced by Clinical Health Technologies Ltd and the company is based in the Midlands. Clinisept+ is part of the award-winning range of human healthcare products the UK’s leading supplier of high purity hypochlorous.




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